I tell You Hope Diamond - The Cursed Diamond In The World

I tell You Hope Diamond - The Cursed Diamond In The World. Diamonds have fascinated humans for centuries and it is not surprising that there are legends and superstitions that adorned the precious stones.
One of the most spectacular gems in the world is Hope Diamond, a blue diamond weighing more than 45 carats and is estimated to be worth a quarter of a billion dollars (about Rp 3.2 trillion).
Although given for free, there are some people who think twice to receive the diamond. That said, Hope Diamond is full of curses that cause the owner or people who intersect with him will experience tragic fate.
One of the most famous curse stories is when the diamond was owned by the French Empire.
It is said that Marie Antoinette who died by beheading is often referred to as the victim of Hope Diamond curse.

In addition, there are also a number of other famous stories about people who are said to be exposed to the curse of Hope Diamond. As quoted from Mental Floss, Wednesday (19/10/2016), the following 10 of them:

1. Jean Baptiste-Tavernier
Reportedly, Tavernier suffered a severe fever shortly after he stole Hope Diamond. According to some rumors, after he died his body was torn by wolves.
But based on other reports, Tavernier reportedly lived long and died at the age of 84 years.

2. King Louis XIV
King Louis XIV bought Hope Diamond from Tavernier and reproduced the precious stone in 1673. The diamond was later known as "The Blue Diamond of the Crown" or "French Blue".
He died of gangrene and all his children died as a child and only one person left.

3. Nicholas Fouquet
The man who worked for King Louis XIV was rumored to have been wearing these diamonds while attending several special events. Shortly thereafter, he lost the trust of the king and was eventually banished from France
Louis also increased his sentence and Fouquet was jailed for life, where he spent 15 years inside Pignerol fortress. Some people believe he is a Man in the Iron Mask, but others deny it.

4. Marie Antoinette
Louis bequeathed the French Blue diamond and then used by Marie Antoinette. Some people say, the diamond is what causes Marie to suffer bad luck and his life must end when his neck ditebas with guillotine blade.
However, until now there has been no evidence that Marie ever used French Blue or Hope Diamond.

5. Marie Louise
Marie-Louise is the closest confidant of Marie Antoinette. On September 3 he was taken to court in a hurry to swear love for freedom and equality, and vowed to hate the King and Queen of Monarchy (Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette).
He agreed to vow for freedom and equality, but refused to condemn the King, Queen and monarchy. Marie Louise was immediately taken to the street and thrown into a group of people who kill him cruelly.
His head was pierced on a spear and taken to Marie Antoinette's jail window.

6. Wilhelm Fals
Wilhem Fals is a Dutch jeweler who cuts back Hope Diamond. He died tragically. His son killed himself and then decided to commit suicide.

7. Simon Maoncharides
Maoncharides is a Greek trader who owns Hope Diamonds. Some people say that the curse of diamonds also happened to him. Maoncharides, his wife, and his son were killed after the car he drove fell to a cliff.

8. Evalyn Walsh McLean
Evalyn is an heiress who lives in luxury. He also bought the diamond and put it on proudly. In fact, there is a story that says that he put the gem to his beloved dog.
But slowly the 'curse' began to take its toll. Her mother-in-law died, her son died at the age of 9, her husband left her, his daughter died of an overdose at the age of 25, and Evalyn eventually fell into poverty and had to sell newspapers to survive.
Evalyn's surviving children then sell the diamond to Harry Winston. Nine years later, Winston donated the gem to the Smithsonian Institution.

9. James Todd
James Todd is the man who sends the diamonds to the Smithsonian Institution. Shortly after delivering the gem, his legs were crushed in a truck accident.
Not only that, he also suffered an injury to in a separate accident. Not stop there, his house also burned.

Scientific Explanations

In his book "The Unexplained", Karl Shuker mentions that the gem came from an Indian temple stolen by a Hindu priest.
The diamond was later found at the Golconda mine in southwest India. The precious stone became famous in Europe in 1642 when it was bought by a French merchant who then sold it to King Louis XIV.
The name "Hope" in the diamond "Hope Diamond" itself was taken from a man named Henry Thomas Hope who earned it in 1839.
However, does Hope Diamond really contain a curse?
Reported by Live Science, the curse of Hope Diamond is just a sensational story created by journalists in the late 1800s to boost the popularity of his newspaper. While some of the bad luck experienced by Hope Diamond owners have never been confirmed and called just rumors.
Like another famous curse, the Hope Diamond curse is built by combing history and highlighting bad things only. Since only the rich and the only people who can own the diamonds, it is not difficult to make a list of bad events about them.
With so many people in touch with Hope Diamond, it's not surprising that many of them do not get the 'curse' of the diamonds.
Meanwhile in another story, the curse of Hope Diamond is considered a fairy tale about the sins of greed. According to legend, the original diamond thief died slowly and painfully. The next owner also suffered.
It is said that only a person with a pure heart can escape from that damned fate. In that case, purity means one does not try to sell it but generously gives away that precious thing.
If there really is, the curse ends when Harry Winston contributed Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian Institution in 1958.

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