I Tell You The Largest Penis In The World

Sorence Owiti Opiyo
I Tell You - The largest penis in the world | Most men in the world want to have a big sized penis because for them is a matter of pride, penis size became a symbol of virility of a man. Even for most women in the world, a large penis to be the desire to achieve the satisfaction of sexual desire.

Sorence Owiti Opiyo, Kenyan, has a penis with a size 10 times larger than the average size. Under these conditions, does not make him become proud, even Sorence Owiti Opiyo assumed size of his penis is a curse.

The largest penis in the world, when Sorence Owiti OPIYO 10 years old, his penis swell. Continues to expand and go away, taken to a doctor but did not give results. Due to the condition of the penis Sorence Owiti Opiyo quit school to avoid ridicule from his friends.

Sorence Owiti Opiyo now 20 years old, but due to her illness, she could not have sex. All this time Opiyo claimed to want to have children and start a family.

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