I Tell You The Weakest Military Force In The World

I Tell You - The weakest military force in the world | The position of the military in a country becomes very important as the country's defense force against another country. Once the importance of the military, the United States issued a very large budget to strengthen its military.

I Tell You the weakest military force in the world. Although the military is important, there are a few countries actually have a military force, but armed with good, making military forces are comparatively weak. The following countries:

Military Force Mongolia

Mongolia in the heyday of the nation formerly known as the ruler of half the world. however, over time, the triumph of collapse. Currently, Mongolia has about 9,000 active soldiers are not reinforced with adequate military equipment. They only use weapons obsolete Soviet-made. However, Mongolia never participated in the UN peacekeeping forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Military Force Tajikistan
Tajikistan has only about 7,200 active soldiers, even some magnitude of the soldiers are mercenaries from Russia. After secede from the Soviet Union, Tajikistan made a great military power, but instead trigger a civil war in the country. Tajikistan is now supported by the Russian army as a military power.

Military Force Nigeria
Nigeria has the oil rigs that much but oil revenues are not allocated to support the strength of its military forces were very sad, coupled with the Boko Haram militant organization which is disrupting the country's sovereignty to make the Nigerian military forces increasingly weak. According to a BBC report, mental Nigerian soldiers too weak, when the attack came the Nigerian soldiers involved had run off with civilians.

Military Force Eritrea
Eritrea known as North Korea's state for Africa, it is because the leader of Eritrea so eccentric and quite dictatorial. But in terms of military, Eritrea lose much with North Korea. Eritrea had little soldiers and even then are civilians who do not get enough military education.

Military Force Iraq
Iraq when under the leadership of Saddam Hussein, the country with the fourth-ranking military power in the world, became the country with military power ranks first in Arabic. But after the fall of Saddam Hussein's leadership of the United States military since the invasion, Iraq is no longer a country that has the military power because the current only has 26 Iraqi army units. Iraqi military forces weakened again due to the presence of ISIS.

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