I Tell You Billionaire The Fall Poor Families

Billionaire FamilyI Tell You - Billionaire the fall poor families | Having abundant wealth is not a guarantee for themselves, family, and his successor, will not become poor. Life is like a spinning wheel where a lot of stories that delves into the poor man can become a millionaire, and

I Tell You Billionaire the fall poor families:

Family Pulitzer.
Pulitzer family was included in the list of the richest families thanks to the media and printing business. In fact in the year 1982, the Pulitzer family has a wealth reached US $ 25 million. But this should be changed when the family is plagued by difficulties indebtedness of up to millions of dollars in the United States.
vice versa millionaire could fall into poverty.

Family Strohs.
Bernhard Stroh came to the United States from Germany in 1850 with the provision of the US $ 150 and a family recipe in making beer. Her children then expand his empire until the 80s managed to become one of the largest beer company in the United States, and Strohs family has a fortune of US $ 700 million (according to Forbes). But after five generations later, the company went bankrupt as a result of debts and lost in the competitive business world.

Family Kluges.
Patricia Kluge divorced (after 9 years of marriage) with her husband John Kluge, a billionaire and media entrepreneur. Patricia Kluge received the allowance of up to US $ 1 million per year instead. In 2011, Patricia Kluge went bankrupt as a result of buying a vineyard near his home.

Family Hartfords.
Heir Huntington Hartford as a food stuff company A & P, loss of inheritance due to wrong lifestyle. In 1940, Hartfords became one of the richest families in America. But in 2004 Huntington Hartford moved to the Bahamas with the rest of the treasure.

Family Vanderbilts.
Cornelius Vanderbilt died in 1877, had wealth reached US $ 100 million from his business empire in the construction industry Railways. Remains wealth depleted by six generations of successors.

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