I Tell You The Ghost Cities In The World

Ghost city
I Tell You - Ghost cities in the world | The calculation of the number of people in the world by the year 2013, namely 7.2 billion people and is expected in 2100 will reach 10.9 billion people. The largest population is in the People's Republic of China (1,378,510,000) and India (1,294,130,000) according to the CIA World Factbook September 1, 2016.

The population density has now become a major problem for every country in the world. I Tell You ghost cities in the world, there are areas that actually abandoned by its inhabitants or a built up area but not populated until a ghost town.

The ghost cities because natural resources are depleted:

1. Bodie, California, USA.
In 1859, this city is abundant gold mines, has a population of 8,500 people with the number of buildings of more than 2,000 buildings. But in 1881, the gold resources depleted. In 1932 a fire that destroyed almost all the buildings, since the entire population decided to move on and leave this city.

2. Goldfield, Arizona, USA.
This city had debuted for their mines in the era of the 1890s. But in the 1920s, the city was no longer inhabited.

3. Animas Forks, Colorado, USA.
This city is located in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado. In the 1870s, the city is a gold and silver mining. But abandoned in 1920 because the gold and silver resources depleted.

4. Rhyolite, Nevada, USA.
Rhyolite has gold resources and become a city of gold in 1904. In 1906, gold mines attracted many people to make the largest settlement in the city. In 1920, suddenly the town was abandoned and now the city has become a tourist spot.

5. St. Elmo, Colorado, USA.
This city located in the Sawatch mountains, has a gold and silver mining, a lot of people down there until about 1880. However, the decline of the mining industry and the closure of rail makes this city finally closed.

6. Hashima Island, Japan.
This city is a small island that was once a most populous city in the world. From 1800 to 1974, the city became home to the coal workers are countless. Once depleted mines, the workers flocked to leave this city.

The ghost cities because of disasters:

1. Craco, Italy.
This city has existed since medieval times. Early 20th century, a series of earthquakes forced the residents to leave the city. The climax, landslide disaster in 1991 makes this city deserted and no longer inhabited.

2. Salton Riviera, California, USA.
This city was once visited by tourists because it has the appeal of a beautiful beach. However, the water becomes salty that makes the fish died. The smell of dead fish that sting makes this population move to another city.

3. Holland Island, Maryland, USA.
Holland Island was once one of the largest islands with a population of islands scattered across the Chesapeake Bay. In 1910, more than 360 people live in this city. Because the island is made of mud and clay, gradually eroded and drowned. The house was left finally destroyed in 2010.

4. Deception Island, Antarctica.
Deception Island is situated in the area of ??the volcano. The city was originally a center of whaling and had boomed. But the events of the eruption in 1969 made ??its citizens were forced to move.

5. St. Thomas, Nevada, USA.
The city population was abandoned due to flooding. Colorado river dam to overflow and create a crowd of local people to flee. But after the flood was over, they are reluctant to return to their home towns.

6. Pripyat, Ukraine.
This city was once home to more than 50,000 people. In 1986, citizens had to be evacuated because of the nuclear disaster. The city is still forbidden to live up to this moment.

The ghost cities because of the war:

1. Kayakoy, Turkey.
The city was built in the 1700s and became home to the Anatolian Muslim and Greek Orthodox Christians. However, the results of World War I and the Greco-Turkish War of 1919-1922, the condition of the city heats up. Through an agreement in 1923, the city was abandoned for reasons of keeping the political peace.

2. Varosha, Ciprus.
Originally the city became the main destination for tourists. However, since 1974 the city was officially closed during a Turkish invasion.

The ghost cities because of the economy:

1. Kolmanskop, Namibia.
This city had triumphed because it became the center of the diamond mines. But after World War I, demand for diamonds slumped dramatically, so citizens left the town.

2. UFO Houses in Sanzhi, Taiwan.
The houses in this town in the design resembles a UFO. But before the development process is over, the owner turned out to be bankrupt. The houses were hitherto left out without uninhabited.

3. Marina City, Batam, Indonesia.
This city was once a famous gambling center on Batam island and its citizens also prosper. However, since the prohibition of gambling from the government, the economy of the city is totally paralyzed. Many residents who move to another city.

4. The complex of luxury homes, Zhenzhou, China.
It is actually a complex construction of luxury properties with planning to build as many as 397 villas. Property developers, Li Hai Group has been spent for the construction of 12 billion yuan. In addition to financial problems, the construction stopped due to some violations that occur repeatedly been the reason for the local government to stop the project.

5. Ordos/Kangbashi, China.
This city is built in the middle of the desert of Inner Mongolia to live at least 1 million people. However, a modern city built complete with a variety of infrastructure did not attract Chinese citizens to live in a city which is 560 kilometers from Beijing.

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