I Tell You The Youngest Student In The World

Diki Suryaatmaja
I Tell You - The youngest student in the world | He was only 12 years old, Diki Suryaatmaja, Indonesia. He became the youngest student enrolled at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. This is history for Diki, University of Waterloo, and even the world. Since September 2016, Diki will begin his studies in physics.

In addition to studying physics, will also take classes Diki chemistry, mathematics, and economics. Diki admitted that he had made ​​a plan about what he would accomplish at the college level is.

One idea is to create an energy source that is cheaper and can be updated.
"I want to change the world" said Diki.
"I'm young, and I still have a long time"

"He has gone beyond the level of phenomenal" said Andre Jardin from the registration at the university of Waterloo. Diki even reach a value higher than a number of other candidates to be accepted at the University of Waterloo this year.

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